Rima Trans

Rima Trans is strategically located in Lommel. From our Vario Food Group nv warehouse, we serve F&B wholesalers, drinks markets, the foodservice and retailers in the Benelux on a day to day basis with beverages and dry food.

Our transport fleet includes a varying number of articulated lorries:

  • Straight lorries
  • City trailers
  • Trailers with tailboard

With the implementation of on-board computers across our entire fleet, we constantly have the latest up to date information on the location of the goods, the driving and break times of the drivers and the ETA of shipments remaining to be delivered. Efficient communications are made to occur by text messages and/or mobile phone calls.

The services on offer are not restricted to just handling the actual transport, but also cover the loading and/or unloading operations, the administration of the transport documents and reports on assignment execution. Rima Transport’s strength is that we optimise the customers’ transport assignments in such a way that the time and quality of the delivery are guaranteed, at competitive prices at that.

Rima Trans appropriately translates logistical desires and problems into professional solutions. Your goods get the utmost care. Rima Trans goes for partnerships based on trust and dialogue.

Hauliers have become organisers that lend their conceptual input and act in performance-led response to logistical wishes. In a nutshell, we deliver tailored solutions.

Needless to say Rima Trans has a lot more strings to its bow than we are able to explain within the confines of a website. For further information about what we can specifically do for you, please feel free to contact us on a no-obligation basis.

Our certificates

IFS Logistics

Rima Trans places a premium on quality, which explains why we are the proud holders of the IFS Logistics certificate. A standard developed for the storage, distribution and transport of food and non-food products, with the aim of ensuring the (food) safety of the products.

Certificate for beverage transport

Rima Trans Zeisner
Rima Trans
Rima Trans Zeisner
Rima Trans Zeisner