Environmental health

Rima Trans - Solar panels

We firmly believe that the success of a business not only depends on economic performance. Which is why we are committed to striking the right balance between business and social aspects on the one hand and the environment on the other. We schedule your shipments in due consideration of the environment, going for the shortest and most efficient routes.

Our fleet consists of tractors powered by energy-efficient and environmentally friendly engines. Moreover, our drivers use vans for workplace travel reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

The Vario Food Group building has been equipped with smart LED lighting and solar panels. The in-house rolling stock uses swappable batteries, leaving the batteries free to be charged during the day with solar energy.

Our vision

We are eager to serve as the standard for excellence in the logistics of beverages and dry food.


We are a strong logistics partner that provides tailored solutions aimed at enabling the customer to grow.

In our contacts and contracts with customers we seek to put in place long-term agreements, with the emphasis on good working relationships and understanding.

In a dynamic world such as the haulage industry, perfect planning and meticulous administration are crucial.
We know better than most how important it is that your products are delivered to your customers on time and in perfect condition.

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